Philips Lumea Comfort Review : Is it Worth Buying?

If you are looking for self-laser hair removal reviews, then Philips Lumea review can be a great choice to read.

Obviously, Philips has its great brand value but nobody buys products based on brand values anymore. You have to make sure that the quality of the product is top notch.

And that is exactly what this product has as its USP.

Therefore, we can actually consider this as one of the best IPL hair removal machines of all time.

Well, do not go by what we say because that will be stupid.

The best is…

…if you can go by the features, the pros, cons and everything in this Philips Lumea Review. Therefore, let’s not waste anymore time and get straight into the Philips lumea comfort review.

Whom Is This Product Designed for?

One great part about this Philips Lumea comfort is that this product is not specifically designed for any particular gender.

Anybody with hair issues can actually use this product and be comfortable while using this. We see that there are certain products out there with specific design that suits only a type of gender. Fortunately, the Philips Lumea review will clear that confusion for you as this is a product designed for everybody.

The company actually markets this product for women which you should know.

But we all are familiar with the men hair problems too and we can assure you that this works as great on men as it does on women.

But wait, there’s more…

One thing which is important to understand is that this is not a product for every type of hair. If you have red, blonde or even grey hair on your vital areas, things will start to get messy at times. The scanner will be able to detect hair which is too dark and will automatically be skipping those from removing.

Therefore, think about that too before you are buying!

How does it work?

Well, that is an interesting topic to talk about and this Philips Lumea comfort  review will tell you exactly how this interesting machine works.

You see, the premium feature of this product is the IPL technology that it has (or almost all of the quality hair removal systems from Philips have).

With around 100 years of experience, the company actually made sure that they could come up with this amazing technology which they proved quality overtime.

And you know what?

The quality is actually so good that the product ensures that your hair growth will be minimum once you use this removal once.

There is no clinical side effects either which is great and you do not actually feel anything while you are removing your hair which is another great part.

Though, some consumer reported that they feel a little pain at the beginning of the session.


Our Philips Lumea review will not be completed if we do not talk about the features of this product…

…so let’s have a quick look at the amazing features that it has. We will only be touching on the top keywords as you can easily know about the rest via the links we provide.

High-performing :

The top feature of this Philips Lumea is that it is a high performance one. This product can actually deliver full body treatment for up to 4 years without any problem.

That is a big time frame for any health product and especially for something which is so delicate.

The company pretty much guarantees that you will not need any replacement lamps in these 4 spans of years which is a great promise.

Sounds impressive, right?

But that’s not all.

75% reduction in 2 months :

Again, this is a great promise to offer. We know you will say that there are methods where you can actually reduce all of your hairs within a day but you know the difference too.

This is the power of IPL technology which ensures safety and which also ensures that you will not have unwanted hair issues for a long period of time.

You should also know that this is an FDA-approved model, and it is heavily used in medical centers and in hair removal stations along with tattoo parlors.

Obviously, you will not be feeling any pain while you are using the machine and there is no after effects either. You can either use it for four times a year or two months continuously.

Both of those will give you positive results.

These two are the biggest reasons that why people go for this product.


No side effects.
Small areas can be easily treated.
Very gentle and painless in every step.
Painless treatment sessions.


It will not work if you have tattoo or tanner in the hair area.
The machine does not work great if you have scar or mole in that particular area.
Best for small areas but slow on larger areas.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Philips Lumea is it safe?

A. It is FDA approved. It has been tested on more than 2000 people before reaching the market.

Q. Do I need to worry about voltages?

A. Depending on where you live, you will get different voltage packs while you are buying this product. The regular one is a 220V one which is the general one to go for if you are from north America region but the company has all the other options too.

Q. Can I use it on private parts?

A. Well, if you are really health cautious and if you do everything in the prescribed fashion then the answer is no. Both men and women can use it for their legs up to the underwear or bikini length. Some though do it up to their private parts, and they hardly face any problems.

Q. Can I use it on face?

A. Yes, you can actually use Philips Lumea comfort on the face, but that might have a serious negative impact especially if you are a man. You will not only be able to grow beard for a long period of time if you use it on your face.

For women, the things are not bright either. If you over burn your face area, your face area will change color which you surely will not like.

Final Verdict:

Overall, the Philips Lumea review tells us that this is a great product to go for. It has everything that you need for a comfortable hair removal experience. The cost is good enough if we compare the value that this product generates.

Overall, this should be your happy experience in most of the cases. If you are still not satisfied, think about the trust and brand value that the brand Philips generate. Hopefully, that will change your mind.

All in all, if you have hair related issues, then you will definitely get the most benefit out of this option.

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