Lumarx ipl Hair Removal Device Review : Is it Worth Buying?

Waxing and shaving are the two most used methods for body hair removal.

But if you’re looking for a better alternative…

…then you probably should check the LumaRx IPL hair removal device. To know more about it read the LumaRx IPL hair removal device full body review.

LumaRx Review

The LumaRX IPL is a portable hair removal device. So, design wise it is quite compact. Anyone can use it as it is easy to use.

The machine uses the IPL technology. IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light. This tech is quit e effective for hair removal. And you should know that professional skin care clinics use this tech for hair removal too. So, you will be getting professional like treatment with this device at home.

And it will save you a lot of money too.

Whom Is This Product Designed for?

LumaRX is for a variety of skin and hair. But the device is especially suited for darker hair.

This is because the IPL method targets the melanin in our skin. This pigment gives our hair and skin their color. The more melanin in your hair follicle, the darker it will be.

And so, the device works better on dark hair. For the same reason, it won’t work on light hairs.

Hair Colors:

Skin Tones:

So, if you have blonde hair, then it is not for you. But when it comes to skin color, it is the other way around. If you have a dark or brown skin then it won’t work. 

How does it work?

The IPL tech used by the device is quite simple. The device emits pulses of light on the skin. The light energy then moves through the skin and attacks the root of the hair.

The part that it wants to damage…

…is the hair follicle. Because it grows the hair in our body. So, the emitted pulses primary objective is to dissolve it.

And thus you get a hair free body.

LumaRx Features

LumaRx IPL device comes with some additional kits. Those are important parts of the device.

By now you know…

…how the machine works. Also, you got the idea what kind of skin or hair it suits. Now let’s check some real things like the features.

Let’s start then. 

Sensor :

The LumaRx is designed like a telephone. The primary device is connected to a base. The device has no panel in itself. Instead, the base has those.

So, now when you use the handheld device to check the skin tone. The results will be shown on the base unit.

Power level :

You can control the power level of the device. It is a very common feature in such devices. The LumaRx IPL also has it. It is on the base unit.

Using the base unit, you can increase or decrease the energy level. Starting with the lowest level is important.


…you will be applying this on your body. So, you need to be cautious. Unlike other home laser hair removal devices, there is a little pain involved with this particular tool. Some might feel no pain at all. But still, try to start low. As you can never be too safe for your own good.

Facial & Body Cap :

The device comes with some kits. And facial and body caps are some of those. The treatment caps goes on the tip of the device. You use the facial one when you use it on the face. The other one is for body use.

So what’s the point?

Different caps are used because the face and body hairs are not the same. The facial hair is a bit rough. And it needs more care.

This is why it has two kinds of caps.

The facial one features a 4-second flash speed. On the other hand, the body cap has a 3-second flash speed. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use the caps in other parts.

For smaller areas, you might need to use the facial one. So, it depends on which cap you need to use according to the situation.

Don’t you think it’s a smart feature ?​

Replaceable Cartridges :

The device uses cartridges. This is where the pulse is stored. The storage quantity of a single cartridge is around 65 thousand flashes. When they are finished, you can change them with new ones.

Here is the sad News:

You need to pay extra bucks for that by the way. This might be a downside.

But you need to know that almost all IPL tools have cartridges. So, if you want to make the most of your money you probably should check the number of flashes. And you will find there are very few that can compete with LumaRx IPL.

Other Features :

It has some other features that need to be mentioned.

Like the ComfortFilter technology. It is implemented to block harmful rays. Also, the device has a big treatment window.

So it covers a lot of area of the body. And so the process takes less time too.

Things to know:

In other LumaRx IPL review, you won’t find any tips how to get the best out of it. But we know it is also crucial to guide the potential users. And for them here are some useful tips and tricks.

Prepare the skin before using the device. You can clean your body and shave too if you have long hairs. This will help the process.

For the first month, use in every two weeks. It will take at least 3 sessions to see visible results. As it attacks the root and slows down the growth cycle of hair.

And after some time…

…you will see hair fall and continuous use will result into a permanent hair free body.

If you’re men you can use it too. But not on your face. Other than that you can use it on everywhere.

For women, there is no restriction. As they can use it on their face too like other body parts.


Good for treating smaller areas of the body.
Permanent hair removal.
Less painful.
Quick results.


Not for dark complexion.
A bit expensive.
Need to replace the cartridges.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. Is it safe to use?

A. The LumaRX IPL self hair removal device is one of the safest devices of such kind. The FDA has approved it for home use.

Q. How long it takes to take effect and is it permanent?

A. The device is a permanent hair-free body solution which takes about 3 sessions to start taking effects.

Final Verdict:

LumarRx IPL is a great home hair removal product. It has some fantastic working features. Very few devices can compete with this one. It has amazing customer rating.

There is only one thing to complain about. The price tag.

But you’re not spending that much if you think about how much money licensed clinics charge for just one session. So, get LumarRx IPL today. 
Let us know what do you think about this LumaRx review?

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