Best Facial Steamer Reviews

Facial steaming at beauty salons is a relaxing experience. Also, it is great for the face but not so good for your purse. That is why people are all the time looking for a similar experience but at a reasonable price. And for those people I’ve got some of the best facial steamers lined up.

The best facial steamer reviews

There are number of options you will find is extraordinary. And if this is your first time buying such device then you need to research about it. But unfortunately, not everyone can do such background checks.

So, here I’ve done all those boring stuff for you. And doing so, I’ve found the top 8 facial steaming machines that you can get in the market. Before starting to know more about these products, I want to inform you that the list isn’t in any particular order. I didn’t rank these because there are a variety of devices. And it is possible that one steaming machine might be the best for my purpose but for you, it can be another one.

So, this is the list of the best 7 facial saunas. And you should make your investment on the device that helps your cause.

1. Conair Facial Sauna System with Timer

The first one that I want to introduce you to is the Conair facial sauna. Conair is without any doubt, one of the biggest pioneers of the industry. And with this device, they have gotten a good hold on the market.

Why Conair is so great?

The Conair facial sauna is so simple in design. It has a cone shape to concentrate on the facial area. And comes with some extra accessories. Like the two different brush tools to apply on your face. Also the device has an auto timer functionality. But that’s not all. The device has a 1-year warranty which is always great. Because you can never be sure about an electrical device.

Is it safe to use?

Safety measures are always important when it comes to electronic devices. The manufacturers have given an extensive thought about users safety. And as a safety measure, they have equipped the device with an auto fail system. So,the system shuts down the machine after 45 minutes to make sure users don’t harm themselves. Because overdoing anything can be dangerous.

Are users satisfied?

From the technical point of views, it is an absolutely top notch product. And the experience is similar while using it, as users were greatly pleased with it. According to them, it cleans the face nicely, helps it to relax and even some users found it beneficial for their sinus problems. They also appreciated it as it is very easy to use. And don’t need to add the fact that it is quite affordable too.So, if you wish to enjoy professional facial steamer like treatment at home then Conair might be a good pick for you.


It is great for people with the sinus problem.
The device is easy to operate.
It isn’t that big. So, it is easy to store.


It takes up to 4 minutes to produce steam even with hot water.

2. KINGA Nano Ionic Facial Steamer

The Kinga Nano Ionic is another great example of a home facial steamer. It has some amazing features to offer. And the device itself is a piece of art.

Kinga facial steamer is fast

The Quickset Start-to-Steam Time is a feature that attracts the buyers. This feature enables the device to create steam in just a few minutes. Most steamers take a lot of time to convert the water to vapor but this one is super quick.So, a big plus for the device.

How this facial steamer works?

The Kinga is an ionic facial steamer. So, it produces little drops of water with the steam itself. This benefits your skin as the drizzle of water can penetrate the deep skin layers. To make sure the device can do so, it has been joined by an internal fan. This assists the vapor to infiltrate the layers and clear the dirt.

The steam produced by the device is hot enough to open all the pores, but not too hot. So, there is no risk of hurting yourself. It is perfect for deep cleaning the face.

Relaxing with aromatherapy

You can use it for aromatherapy. Anyone who loves going to spas will surely enjoy the quick therapy of Kinga nano ionic facial sauna. As it treats your face but also it relaxes your mind. A good deal you can’t snub.


It heats up very quickly.
Works great on blackheads, whiteheads and it even diminishes acne.


A bit expensive than other devices on the list.

3. NanoSteamer – Large 3-in-1 Nano Ionic Facial Steamer

NanoSteamer is without any doubt a unique personal facial steamer. It not just only steams your face, but it does more than that. The name itself suggest that.

More than a facial steamer

This 3 in 1 Nano Ionic Facial Steamer can be used as a room humidifier. So, that gives you a proper sense of power this device has to offer.

But that’s not all. Because one of its other function is that it can heat your towels. For that, the device has an extra chamber. Just, put your towels there to warm up and then enjoy the ultimate refreshment as they said.

As you already know that this multi-functional facial sauna can be used as a room humidifier. So, you can already imagine that it has an immense water holder capacity. The amount is about 200ml. That is enough for 30-40 minutes session of facial steaming. Also, this device comes with a timer. So, you can adjust your sessions.

So many accessories

Still there is more to the device. As the device comes with a complimentary 5 piece surgical grade stainless steals. These kits compliment the device perfectly as they help to remove blackheads and blemishes. So, if you want spa quality results then NanoSteamer 3 in 1 nano ionic facial steamer is the way to go.


The flow of steam is excellent.
You can also use it as a room humidifier.
It got good water holding capacity.


Some users complained about heavily plastic smell.

4. Spaire BF-F1 Nano Ionic Facial Steamer Sprayer Sauna

Going through the list, we guys have already seen some great facial steamers. And here is another one added to that list. The official name of it is Spaire BF-F1 Nano Ionic Facial Steamer Sprayer Sauna. This is an impressive ionic steamer.

Professional treatment at home

Spaire BF-F1 is great for removing the impurities. Also, perfect for use to loosen the makeup. It opens up the pores, cleans the dirt and oil, removes blackheads. It does all those things you wish for. In a word, it works wonderfully.

Compact & Elegant

The device looks as brilliant as it works. Very elegantly designed. It is perfect in size,so you can easily store it. The device has a handle. So, you can easily carry it with you. The device is a whole package. So, if you want comprehensive skin care at a cheap price then go for the Spaire BF-F1 facial sauna.


Comes with a manual.
It is straightforward to use.
Burst of steam comes out in less than a minute.


Only works with distilled water.

5. Spaire Facial Steamer Nano Ionic Sprayer

Another facial steamer from the brand Spaire. Of all the facial steamers in the list, it is the most expensive one. But the money will be worth it as this little Nano-ionic sprayer works amazingly well.

One touch power

Design wise the device is like an art. It is very miniature in size.  Also, really lightweight. Perfect for your home status. But the thing that will captivate most is its one touch unique button. You can start and stop the device using the same button. If the button is blue that means it is on and red means it is off. Very simple.

Works efficiently

Now coming to the main piece. The product is all about blowing out the steam. And here the device does so, through the nozzle attached to it. The nozzle is there to make sure your entire face is well covered. It is adjustable. So, you can configure it according to your best interest.

As the device is quite small in size, it has a very limited water tank. The tank can hold 90ml of water. But the good thing is that is enough. That will give you about 15 minutes session. Which is, by the way, more than sufficient.

And if you want more minutes than that then you can pour more water into it. As the device needs about less than a minute to heat the water. Just give it a go. You will feel the difference once you use it.


Offers smooth and glowing face.
It is great for allergies.


Can’t add essential oils.

6. DBPOWER Nano Ionic Facial Steamer Facial Sauna Portable

Many people have oily skin. It is bad as your face looks dull and it also causes acne. The best way to get rid of this is the DBPOWER Nano Ionic Facial Steamer Facial Sauna Portable.

A nano ionic facial steamer that cleans, moisturizes and relaxes your skin. It improves the cell of the skin in a great way. After using it, you will get better results applying your beauty creams. As it improves the absorption quality of the skin. The only downside is that people with skin allergies need to avoid this.


Improves cell vitality.
Greater oxygen absorption due to clearer face.
The handle on the device makes it rather easy to move.


The water container is so small.
Sometimes It smells of the plastic.

7. ETTG Spa Home Facial Steamer Sauna

Whether you have a dry skin or sensitive skin, nothing will stop you from using the ETTG spa home facial steamer.

Safe for home use

The device is similar to the Conair one. And like that, it has two different cones. One to use on your entire face. And the other one is to solely for the sinus area.

The device has timer function too. You can easily get half an hour from one fill. But such long sessions can be dangerous. So, to make sure users don’t harm themselves the manufacturers added automatic shut off as a safety precaution. When you buy the product, you don’t only get the product itself.

As the device comes with some extra stuff such as the nose cap, scent tray, measurement cup. The accessories will aid you to get a better healthy face. One of the things I liked about it the most is that even kids can use it. Because most cases, the steamers are only meant for adults to use. But this one can be used by anyone.


It lifts the skin.
Provides better blood circulation.
Easy to use.


Takes longer time to produce steam.

One of the many reasons people go to parlors is facial steaming. Facial steaming is the operation where you use hot steam on your face. It is done to clean the impurities from the skin. Also, it is an outstanding beauty enhancement system. As it assists your skin to look younger and brighter. So, if you want to save your money and meanwhile enjoy beauty salon like steaming at home then you are at the right place. Because here I’ve picked the 8 best facial steam machines in the market.

What is a facial steamer and how it works?

The method of facial steaming is there for a very long time. Before the introduction of facial steamers, we used to take them only using a bowl of hot water and a towel. Just take a bowl of hot boiling water and put your face as close as possible without touching the water. Then just cover the head with the towel so that the steam of the water doesn’t get out. But the process wasn’t so effective. As you won’t get good enough of steam that you need. And to solve that problem came the facial steamer devices. Now we just pour that water into the device and it produces a good amount of steam. Also, the device makes sure the steam is used in the most effective way. Which is, by the way, was impossible without the device. The devices make sure you get hot steam to open the dirty skin cells and cleans them. This process has the power to penetrate the skin to reach the deep areas. Thus resulting into a clear and fresh looking face. And thanks to facial steamers you don’t have to worry about the water getting cold.

Why buy a portable facial steamer?

There are so many reasons why anyone should think of buying a portable facial steamer. Firstly, facial steaming helps to open the pores of the skin and deep cleanses the face. So you get a refreshing look. But that’s just the beginning. And if that wasn’t good enough reason for you then check this out. Steaming on the face works great on acne related problems. This is all possible due to the reach this process offers the users. As steaming can reach the deep surface of the skin to clear the oil and dirt from the face. On the other hand, washing with soap won’t be as effective. Because it can’t reach the deep layers. So, with regular steaming, you can clean the clogged pores that cause the acne. And if you don’t need to be concerned of unpleasant breakouts then you should use it regularly. But the benefits of facial sauna doesn’t end there. For your information, steaming improves blood circulation on the face. Also, it hydrates the skin. Due to that, the skin looks younger. Besides that, it helps to remove the toxins, moisturizes dry skins and does other wonderful things. The list is quite long as it works on so many levels.

How to choose the best facial steamer?

The number of facial steamers in the market is quite amazing. So, picking the perfect one is a task itself. But there are some certain criteria that might help you to make the decision. And hopefully, this guideline will help you to choose the best facial steamer from the market.Budget is without any doubt the most important thing. Every purchase depends on the budget. But, try to overlook that for just once and only focus on the good things. And see if it gets your attention or not. Let’s start then.

Features: First and the most important thing about any product is its features. The basic feature of facial steamers will be the same. They will produce steam to clean your skin. And this where you need to be smart. You have to prioritize some other stuff. Like the size of the device. The device will be used at home. So, it needs to be compact. Because you don’t want a big machine taking a lot of your space. You want a personal facial steamer that can be easily stored. Also, it needs to be compact so that you can carry it wherever you want. For a frequent traveler, that is a very important characteristic. Because no one loves to travel with heavy luggage. Another thing that you would want is a timer in your steamer. A facial steamer with a timer gives you the authority to set your desired time period for each session. So, you can configure the sessions according to your needs. This is why it is such an instrumental feature. To wrap things up, make sure to buy a compact device that comes with self-timer.

Power: One of the things everyone needs to consider while buying any electrical appliance is power. And same goes for the personal facial steamer. Because facial sauna needs to be powerful. If it isn’t, how will you heat the water to produce the steam? The treatment process is all about using the steam. Therefore, it needs to be powerful. So, make sure the steamer you are going to buy can boil the water enough to provide more or less steam. Usually, steamers with 110-115 degree Fahrenheit’s is enough. That much heating energy will do the business just fine.

Types of steamers: The facial steamer market is huge. So, it is obvious that you will see different types of steamers. Generally, products with additional or unique features are popular among users. The two most popular facial saunas are the one with the inhaler and ion function. The steamer with inhaler comes with the additional nozzle that works on the nose and the mouth. So, your face isn’t directly exposed to the warm steam. This type of steaming machines is perfect for people with cold issues. Sometimes these equipment’s come with some additional medical herbs to help the process. The other type is the ionic steamer. In scientific terms, the ion is a molecule. Here in the steaming process, these ionic molecules are little drizzles of water that being released with the steam. We know that steam opens up the pores of the skin. And here the mist of water with the steam moisturizes the deep skin layers of the face. This way it hydrates and cleans the face. It gives you a radiant and much younger complexion. So, you will find the above two types of steamers in the market. Now it depends on your needs. The ion facial steamer is ideal for improving the skin. On the other hand, the inhaler steamer will be the right choice if you often have to face with cold symptoms. Both are great.

Aromas: Many will ignore this trait. But some will really appreciate this. It is the aromatherapy. Aromatherapy is great for relaxation and relieving stress. And some scientific studies have shown that they are beneficial for skin too. As it relaxes the skin. So, you have fewer skin lines. And that results in a younger looking face. The point of talking about this is that some models of facial steamers for home use comes with this function. So, you better should look up for this if you want more than just cleansing your skin. Because nothing makes the steaming more enjoyable than comforting fragrances.

You should try to keep in mind the above traits before getting a new facial steamer. And obviously the budget. But make sure don’t buy cheap stuff for namesake. Instead, buy a product that might cost you a bit more, but surely it will worth every penny.


So, we have checked all the best facial steamers that are currently available in the marketplace. We saw the classic facial saunas that come with the extra tool for inhaling purposes in cold weathers. And also, we got the most recent ionic steamer that gives an enriching skin care. Some of these devices come with some extra accessories. And some of them offer the amazing refreshment of aromatherapy. So, it is quite hard to pick one. Though you have read the facial steamer reviews, But you need to ask yourself what you want. All the steamers offer you the same benefits. And the results are effective as customers were greatly satisfied with each of the products. But still, you can be confused, as all the above facial steamers are great. Therefore, the best way to choose is the type of steamer that serves your requirements. And that might be the answer to this dilemma of yours. Either way, you won’t be disappointed at all.

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