10 Best at Home Laser Hair Removal Device Review and Ultimate Buyer’s Guide | 2018

Thinking of buying the best at home laser hair removal device?

Here is the definitive guide to home laser hair removal kit.  And I hope this guide will help you to choose the best laser hair removal at home device.

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This is very crucial to research quite a lot before making any order for a home laser hair removal system.

The more you read this article, the better you will understand the importance of deep research for this kind of devices.

Your skin might be sensitive and you may end up burning the skin, or maybe some other unexpected side effect.

This is why…

…it is recommended to read the user manuals very carefully, their warnings, the dos and don’ts. Thus you can have a clear idea on the device if that is suitable for you or not.

This research will help you find out the best home laser hair removal machine that will perform a smooth operation without any painful side effects.

How to choose the best at home laser hair removal

Chances are that you will easily be bored, may be tired,

because this is really time-consuming, reading the very small texts written in the user manual. I have done the research for a pretty long time, read many of the user manuals and tried to combine all those in a single article.

I tried to write as more precise as I can, keeping all the information correct. So that, you can easily find the top rated laser hair removal devices.

I made a list of few common queries…

…that you must ask yourself before purchasing the best  laser hair removal machine for home use.

Gather the answer to those questions and then you will suddenly find that a number of best at home laser hair removal device will pop up before you.

No matter what,…

…be honest with your answers. If anyhow you end up choosing a wrong product, it may burn your skin, may cause blisters or any other long-term unwanted side effects.

1. What is your hair color?

Dark hair has more melanin pigment. This is something that the light energy targets and then heat that and disable the follicle.

So here is the good part:

If your natural hair color is dark blonde, brown, dark brown or black, then you can use any laser hair removal device.

But the bad news is…

…If you have fair hair like light blonde, red, white or grey, those lacks melanin pigment, most of the devices will not work for you.

As the fair hair colors lack the pigment that conducts the intense light to disable the hair root.

But that is not a big deal;

there are few machines that will work pretty fine for these fair hair colors. You just have to choose the best home laser hair removal machine from a lot of that category.


Note down your hair color and let’s find the answers to the next questions.

2. What is your skin tone type?

The logic is almost the same as the previous one.

But the color type should be a bit different this time. We will use the Fitzpatrick skin tone scale so that it does not confuse you.

The light energy of the laser or intense pulsed light hair removal device will heat up the dark pigment of the hair follicle and disable the root, but will leave the light color skin unaffected. This is the reason it is better to have lighter skin tone.

In the darker skin, there is a lot of dark pigment and that will confuse the light, this may end up heating and burning the skin.

In the Fitzpatrick skin tone scale, there are six different tone types, stated from the light through to very dark brown at the six. Look at that and decide what your skin tone type is.

If that is type I to type IV, you choose the best at home laser hair removal machines from any of those available in the market. If the skin tone is type V, the brown or very dark brown skin that tans very easily, you have some options those are safe for your skin type.

So you have to choose carefully. Only a few options are available for you if you have the very dark brown or black skin tone, type VI. They use special technology to serve the purpose.

Now you see:

it is really important to be careful. Otherwise, there is a very high risk of unwanted skin reactions like temporary or permanent skin darkening (hyperpigmentation), skin lightening (hypopigmentation), strong redness, burns of blisters.

Note down your skin tone and let’s proceed.

3. Do you have any health or medical issue?

There in the user manual, the manufacturers mention some medical and health complications. If you have any of those; you are not suitable for at home laser hair removal.

So you have to be careful about those and do not order any laser or IPL (Intense Pulsed Light) hair removal.

Let’s have a look at what types of health issues we are talking about.

Do have any skin disease?


…are you under any kind of aesthetic skin treatment or medicine?

If yes, the laser could injure your current skin condition.

What is aesthetic skin treatment?

This refers to the medication or treatment focusing on improving your cosmetic appearance. May be you have scars, laxity, wrinkles, moles, liver spots, excess fat and what not! You should not use laser or intense pulsed light hair removal this time.

Some medicines make your skin more sensible to light.

And some skin types are naturally light sensitive. If you use laser hair removal device on this sensitive skin, there is a high risk or unexpected side effects we just mentioned above.

If you have a pregnancy or any implants, then you need some more tests to prove that this laser hair removal is safe for you.

The point is:

There is a lot of resources online to help you research, there is no alternative of own specific research.

You cannot use laser on or near anything like silicone implants, pacemakers, subcutaneous injection ports, contraceptive implants, or any piercing.

To avoid further complications read the user manual very carefully and you can talk to your doctors for some more advice.

4. How often do you tan?

This is an important fact to consider.

Sometimes people overlook and ignore this issue. The manufacturers write clear direction about tanning. You will find the warnings and the guidelines in the user manuals.

Before your treatment,…

…there is a time period, and in that time you must avoid the sun. Different manufacturers have different time limits, from maximum 4 weeks to the shortest 48 hours.

Regardless you tan naturally or artificially, the process will increase the melanin in your skin.

So if you use the laser or intense pulsed light hair removal after the sun exposure, there is a high risk of damage to the skin.


Most of the manufacturers advise avoiding the sun for two weeks after the treatment. There is also recommendation of 7 days and the minimum is 48 hours.

But after this short time period use SPF 30+ in the sun for at least 2 weeks.

Since the laser makes your skin extra sensitive, the sun exposure will be very risky just after the treatment.

5. In which part of the body you want to remove the hair?

This is another important consideration.

Do you want to remove hair from some parts of the body?


from the face only?


…from the full body?

This is a crucial decision because not each device is best at home hair removal device to meet all the purposes. Some machines are best for the body hair removal, starting from the neck down.

For safe facial hair removal you need other types of IPL device.

Obviously, you also know that only the best ipl hair removal can solve your problems.

There are different filter integrated in the flash window. The best at home laser hair removal machines of recent time are suitable for both the body and the facial treatment.

This type of device includes small facial attachment, a precision attachment for small, tricky and uneven areas, several years’ worth of full body treatment, and ergonomic design for comfortable usage.


If you are treating small body areas like underarms, bikini line, tummy or forearms, you will need a small precision treatment window, 2 square centimeters is a good size.

For larger areas like the back, torso or full legs, the device with a lot of flashes will be the best at home hair laser hair removal. Those with more flashes will give more treatment; it will have fast treatment times too.

But wait, there’s more……

For facial use the device must have a small treatment window for precision, so that you can place the window anywhere on your face precisely like the upper lip, sideburns, cheeks, chin and neck etc.

Never use the device near the eyes.

Facial hair removal is recommended for women only. The usage on male face might have adverse reactions, because the beard is thick, dense and deep.

6. Budget and price

Let’s talk about the laser intense pulsed light hair removal cost now.

In the first days of this device, they were pretty much expensive. There were very few numbers of devices out in the market.

The premium devices are still expensive,…

…but modern technology has increased the number of options. The premium and the professional home laser hair removal products have upgraded their technology keeping the price high.

And there are a lot of affordable options with basic features for those who have a budget.

As we were discussing, there is no single permanent hair removal at home machine. It depends upon the user’s needs and requirements.

The price ranges from $100 to $700.

Why they vary?

A higher number of flashes will require higher price. Sometimes you have to pay for the brand value. There are some extra features like cordless device, faster treatment times, hassle free skin tone sensors etc.

So, those are the main questions you need to ask before making a decision of purchasing a home laser hair removal device.

Now what you need to do is gather all the answers and make a shortlist of the top laser hair removal machines for home usage. Choose the right one for you depending on the budget.

Best at home laser hair removal machines reviews

I made shortlist of the best at home laser hair removal products. There are some basic queries about such devices, that we have discussed earlier.

I tried to answer all the common and important question here in this review part. You will find it pretty helpful.

Let’s start.

1. Tria Beauty Hair Removal Laser 4X

Tria 4X is one of the best at-home laser hair removal devices that is the first FDA approved device of its category. The brand Tria is a popular name in the cosmetic industry since 2003. This convenient, sleek laser hair removal device is very popular laser hair removal device.

This is very easy to use with multiple settings available. This is a very effective laser hair remover, but it slightly hurts.

Skin and hair color guide:

This has its own internal skin tone sensor. This sensor makes the device stop working while on dark skin, as the manufacturer warns that…

…if the skin tone is medium brown or, dark brown or black, you should not use this.

People having white, ivory, beige and light brown skin tone can use it without any trouble. You will find the skin tone scale in the user manual.

For the light brown, medium brown, dark brown and black hair color, you can use this amazing at home laser hair removal device.

Skin tone:

Hair color:


This is intended both for men and women, but it should not be used to remove men’s facial hair and the hairs from the neck area. There is a warning not to use on or around the eyes, eyebrows or eyelashes.

so please be aware:

This can cause permanent eye injury.


FDA approved for home use
Professional laser technology in the home product
Built-in sensor only unlocks the device if the skin tone is safe
Very effective laser hair removal device


It hurts slightly
 Only 30 minutes operating time before a recharge required
 It takes time
  Not for medium brown of dark brown skin tone

Final Verdict:

Tria 4X will give you the complete professional experiences without any appointment. The effectiveness and the popularity have made it one of the best hair removal machine. So it is going to be a smart purchase and the device is worth the money you are paying for it. 

You may also like to read the in-depth review of Tria Beauty Laser hair removal here.

2. LumaRx IPL Hair Removal Device, Full Body

LumaRx is an FDA certified laser hair removal device for home use. The functionality is pretty impressive and this is very much effective.

To block the harmful UV energy and infrared energy…

…this amazing device comes with Comfort Filter Technology. This is a added benefit to preserve the skin during treatments.

The safety feature is pretty impressive with a built-in skin tone tester. Like the other device we discussed above, this makes sure that the device does not start if the skin tone is not safe for the device.

The point is:

You can remove hair from underarms, bikini line, arms, legs, chest, stomach and women’s face. No hair removal is painless, this is not an exception. 

But the process is not very painful, although it varies men to men.

Skin and hair color guide:

The LumaRx laser hair removal device is not for the medium brown and dark brown skin tones. It works perfectly fine with the white, ivory, beige and light brown skin tone


…light brown, medium brown, dark brown and black hair.

Here is a slight reminder, if you use any laser hair removal with a non-compatible skin tone, the skin will be burnt and there you will face some other unexpected side effects.

Skin tone:

Hair color:

Although for this best at home laser hair removal machines that have skin tone tester will not start working if the tone is not safe.


Easy to use
5 different settings
Built-in skin tone sensor
FDA approved


You have to use it corded only
The cartridge needs to be replaced
Price a bit higher than the others

Final Verdict:

The feedback we found direct from the customers is really positive. Most of them are satisfied with the product and provide a positive review about Lumarx.

Although it will need few treatment to be smooth and the process is pretty much slow, this is one of the most popular laser hair removal machine for home usage in the market.

Read my full review of LumaRx IPL hair removal device.

3. Silk’n Flash&Go Hair Removal Device

The silk’n flash and go hair removal device features the innovative Home Pulsed Light (HTL) technology.

This offers safety to the skin in two ways.

It features a skin sensor and that will not let the device start if the skin tone is safe. And it does not fire if the device is not directly in touch with the skin.

This FDA approved device is intended for both men and women.

The HTL technology detects the hair and then heats it to disable the follicle. The manufacturer recommends shaving the hair before you use the hair removal device for an effective result.

If you do not shave…

…the outer hair absorbs the heat and the root remains as it is. This is pretty much a painless process.

You should wait two to four weeks after the first treatment and in total you will need 6 to 8 treatments for a complete smooth skin.

You can use this in your legs, arms, bikini line, underarms, feet, hands, chests, back, stomach and faces. It should not be used to remove men’s facial hair that might have adverse effects.

Skin and hair color guide:

This silk’n flash and go hair removal device is recommended for those who have…

…white, ivory, beige and light brown skin tones. Medium brown and the dark brown skin tones are not safe.

Skin tone:

Hair color:

Although there is a sensor, you should be careful before purchasing; otherwise, the money will be wasted.

If you have blonde, white, red or grey hair, then this HTL technology will not work for you.


FDA approved 
Very effective performance
Double safety features with HPL technology
Relatively affordable


Works slowly
The result is not always very professional
May get little brown freckles after using it

Final Verdict:

Despite some minor issues, if the skin tone and the hair color match, silk’n Flash and Go hair removal device is one of the best  machines in the market.

The performance is mind blowing, although it takes time to be smooth, it has effective result.

Read the detailed review

4. Philips Lumea Comfort IPL Hair Removal System

Philips lumea is very popular for the aesthetic look and powerful performance.

The clean and smooth looking best home hair removal system has a built-in skin tone sensor.

This sensor measures the safe skin complexion before starting. With 5 different power settings this device has effective usage.

The performance is a bit slow, so if you want to remove hair from the full body then it’s not a great choice. On the other hand to treat some parts of the body, this home laser hair removal system works just great.

It features an integrated UV filter. This is effortlessly effective on your skin.

Clinical research has shown that after only 4 treatments there will be 75% hair reduction on lower legs. You can remove skin from legs, underarms, bikini area, belly and arms.

Skin and hair color guide:

Those with maximum light brown skin tone can use this laser hair remover without any trouble for their body. If you have medium brown or dark brown complexion, it’s not your device.

Like the other devices that we have discussed above this work smoothly for those with light brown, medium brown, dark brown and black hair.

Skin tone:

Hair color:


Integrated UV filter and built-in skin tone sensor
Long cord allows simple plug-and-play use
Comfortable to hold and easy to store
Quick treatment for small areas


Really slow performance for the larger part of boy
On the upper lips it might feel a bit of awkward
The skin toner does not work selecting intensity level

Final Verdict:

Does the laser hair removal worth it?

Comparing to the lots of models available in the market, this one should be a great pick for hair removal.

The whole process is dependent on your body type and that may vary time to time, person to person. So the ultimate result might not be the same. But the performance of this Philips Lumea Comfort hair removal system is pretty impressive at this price range.

Moreover, if you thing you are someone who is looking for a device to treat smaller parts of the body, this is a very smart choice.

Read my full review of Philips Lumea Comfort

5. Veet Infini’Silk Pro Light-Based IPL Hair Removal System

In this industry Veet is a very famous name. Veet infiniti’silk pro is a continuation of that legacy of quality products.

This FDA approved at home hair removal device has five adjustable light energy levels for maximum effective result. It features a built-in skin tone sensor for safety of the user.

It has a skin surface contact sensor to prevent eye injuries.

This is designed for both men and women. You can use this hair removal system to remove unexpected hair from arms, legs, shoulders, underarms, back, chest, bikini line, stomach.

Here’s what I mean:

This works pretty well in all the parts of the body. It comes with a replaceable lamp cartridge. Once the lamp dies, you don’t need to change the entire device, rather you can replace the cartridge only.

And it does not hurt, the process is pretty much painless.

Skin and hair color guide:

For the white, ivory, beige and light brown skin tone and light brown, medium brown, dark brown and black hair, this IPL hair removal system works properly.

Skin tone:

If you have something else, like medium brown or dark brown complexion or blonde, white, red and grey hair, you must not use this device.

Hair color:


FDA approved
Ergonomic design
Corded. So, no need to recharge again and again
Built-in skin tone sensor and skin surface contact sensor for maximum safety
Excellent price, good value for money


A bit of a slow performance

Final Verdict:

Most of the customers are pretty satisfied. Going through the details of the negative feedback, I found that either they have incompatible skin tone or hair colors or they did not use the device properly. This is pretty cool with effective performance.

The only complain you may have is with the slow performance.

6. Gillette Venus Silk-expert IPL 5001 (Intense Pulsed Light) Hair Removal System

Gillette Venus silk-expert is a very well known at home laser hair removal machine, especially popular amongst women. The design is pretty much straightforward, and the device is FDA certified.

Although the manufacturer claims it to be a permanent hair reduction system, but there is nothing called permanent hair removal, to be honest.

There is always something under the skin, 20% of total hair to be precise. But the performance is very effective, and it removes all those active hair roots.

A very important feature is its speed. This is probably the fastest at home laser hair removal machine that can remove hair from your leg in just 8 minutes.

Isn’t it pretty impressive?

You can use this for your legs, stomach, back, underarms, arms, face.

Skin and hair color guide:

If you have any of the white, ivory, beige, light brown and medium brown skin tone, you can use this easily. Also it works best for the light brown, medium brown, dark brown and black hair color. Dark brown complexion should not use this hair remover.

Skin tone:

Hair color:

Also this is not for those with grey, white, red or blonde hair.


Very fast performance
FDA certified
Professional grade performance
Built-in skin tone sensor and skin surface contact sensor for maximum safety
 Effective performance


The heating system might seem odd to some users
Might hurt some sensitive skin

Final Verdict:

The product is very popular and the feedbacks of the users are very positive. In some Gillette Venus silk expert reviews we found some negative issue, those are user specific and minor issues.

The overall impression is great and this is why I listed this as one of the best laser hair removal machines.

7. BellaLite By Silk’n: Professional Hair Removal At Home

This FDA certified at home hair removal machines if affordable and very much effective. It uses the smart Home Pulse Light (HPL) technology. This is intended for both men and women.

Like some other at home laser hair removal machines this requires disposable cartridges. It features 5 different setting for different skin types. Within 5 or 6 treatment you will see a pretty impressive result.

You can use this at home hair removal device for your legs, arms, bikini line, underarms, feet, hands, chest, stomach, face. Be careful about the eyes.

And it is recommended not to use any laser hair removal machine for men’s face.

Skin and hair color guide:

This machine is for those users who have white, ivory, beige, and light brown skin tones and hair colors of light brown, medium brown, dark brown and black.

Skin tone:

Hair color:


Smart HPL technology for effective hair removal
Easy to use design
Affordable price


Only suits fair skin
Replaceable cartridge system

Final Verdict:

Regardless where you are buying from, the price of this at home laser hair removal machine is affordable and the performance is effective. This is why BellaLite by silk’n is one of the best at home laser hair removal machines.

Read my full review of BellaLite hair removal system.

8. Iluminage Touch Permanent Hair Reduction System

Iluminage is a brand of Unilever and in jut few years of starting this brand has become very popular.

The quality and the price had made this new brand one of the top home laser hair removal system. This is easy to use. This FDA certified laser hair removal machine offers permanent hair reduction technology. This has been clinically proven.

A very significant feature of this machine is that it works on all skin tones and for all hair colors. No matter how stubborn the hair is, this machine will manage that. This is very much effective.

After only few weeks you will notice a very impressive result. You can use this for your underarm, bikini area, legs, chest, arms, back, and stomach. Women can use for facial hair removal, but not men. Do not try this on or near the eyes.

The whole process is painless and the machine is intended both for men and women. This is a pretty fast laser hair removal machine; you can clean the whole body in as little as 30 minutes.

Skin and hair color guide:

It can be used on any skin tone and for any hair color, no matter how dark or how light is that

Skin tone:

Hair color:


Can be used on all skin tones and for all hair colors
Easy and effective
Painless hair removal process


Need to refill cartridge which is costly
For some specific sensitive skin it does not work that well

Final Verdict:

This is clearly an outstanding product. Among a lot of home laser hair removal machines this one work on all types of skin tones and all hair colors. If you are someone with dark skin or light color hair, you won’t have many options actually.

But this is really effective and fast machine. The money you are spending for it is not the wastage. This is clearly one of the best  laser hair removal device for dark skin especially.

Read my detailed review of iluminage touch

9. Me My Elos Syneron Touch/pro Ultra

This is one of the latest technology at home laser hair removal machines.

This is FDA certified for home use. It works with both IPL and radio frequency technology as a combination of dual action. This heats and attacks the hair follicle and prevents it from growing back. Thus it assures an effective result for the users who want to remove unwanted hair from the body.

This product is designed for all skin types and all hair colors. This device is for everyone, both men and women.

Women can use in facial area except eyes and men are recommended not use on the face at all.

This has three intensity settings. It features a safety lock that makes sure that the device does not start if not properly set on the location. You can sue this for all the body parts, legs, arms, underarms, stomach, back, hands, feet.

The process is not totally painless, but you will feel less pain than the salon hair removal.

Skin and hair color guide:

No matter what is your skin tone or what is your hair color, this at home laser hair removal machine can be used for any skin tone and any hair colors.

Skin tone:

Hair color:


One of very few machines for darker skins
FDA approved
Built-in safety feature


The process is pretty slow
Some users complain about the effectiveness

Final Verdict:

This is one of very few at home laser hair removal machines that everyone can use. The performance reviews are moderate and this can be a smart purchase if you have darker complexion.

Here’s the point:

The me my elos pro ultra reviews might confuse you, because there are lots of great reviews with some really bad reviews, no middle grade review.

So it’s like either it’s going to be an amazing purchase or a terrible purchase. If you find a money back guarantee, then this is worth trying.


Purchasing at home laser hair removal machine might be confusing some times.

But I recommend you to research. There is no single best product of this category. Everyone has his own skin tone, hair color, skin type.

So this is very much user specific product. Only proper research will make sure that the purchase was a not a terrible one.


You can take my article as a guideline to choose the best at home laser hair removal device, but be sure about your skin and hair, and then make a decision. Read the user manual properly, a small mistake may end up with serious skin injuries.

Happy shopping!

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